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Is there a monthly subscription to use the services or products?

No, you just pay for the services you use, or the operating licence that you need for the month.  It’s all very flexible.

Is there a long-term contract?

No, not unless you want one.  Long term contracts can be very restrictive, but necessary on occasions.  We prefer to rely on people’s integrity.

Can I use the CRM without the other services?

Yes, the CRM is just one of many configurations of the core database, you can use it as you choose. You can partition the database to have a CRM and other data sets securely separated.

Why is CCP so much cheaper?

We do not have expensive unnecessary infrastructures, we do not tolerate waste, and we operate on a ‘least cost’ basis with fair profit. The customer experience comes first.

Can I get discounted rates?

We operate on a least cost basis, so will always try to keep the rates as low as we possibly can. Sometimes it’s through high volume, or a special cause, but most often through our prudence.

What is the maximum outbound campaign size CCP can handle?  We only run one very large one each year.

There are no limits. We cannot run out of capacity in any dimension, and we do not contract our business out to others.  It’s all within CCP Meta.

Can I get finance through CCP for our marketing?

Our finance arm ‘Your Finance Network’ specialises in ‘Money 4 Marketing’ but you will find our affordable marketing solutions will spread the costs over 12 months and beyond.

Can we use it overseas as we have operations in Germany and South Africa?

We have operated without latency or difficulty in Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, the USA and all over Europe.  We also had a successful trial in China.

As it's web-based, is it secure?

It’s totally secure.  It’s always been a priority of CCP.  We use every possible security measure.

Can I hear the calls?

CCP is transparent in every respect. You always have full visibility and control.  We encourage clients to hear the calls as they often have valuable input.
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